Colloquy with Paul Giles

“Colloquy with Paul Giles on The Global Remapping of American Literature”: session 61, at 8:00 a.m. Saturday, March 4. Won’t you join us? Panelists will include Verdie Culbreath (Cornell U.), Paul Giles (U. of Sydney), Liz Polcha (Northeastern U.), Cristobal Silva (Columbia U.), Cassie Smith (U. of Alabama) and Caroline Wigginton (U. of Mississippi), with me as moderator. Brief opening comments!, followed by discussion with colleagues in the audience; for more details on the format, hmmmmm, check out the URL that’s imbedded within this CFP, which materialized this morning at, under Special Session proposals:


Colloquy on Robert Gunn’s Ethnology and Empire, recipient of the 2016 Early American Literature Book Prize. For details, see Abstracts (250 words) by 20 March 2017; Dennis Moore (


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